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An Audience with Jeffrey Archer

14 Friday 3 March, 4.30pm-5.30pm Al Baraha 3, InterContinental

“The stories are always there, they never stop. I'm very lucky, they just keep flowing.” – Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer’s life has been even stranger than the global bestsellers that keep flowing from his pen.

His books have sold more than 275 million copies worldwide and he can claim the unique achievement of having topped fiction, short story and non-fiction charts. His most recent book, This Was a Man, concluded the Clifton Chronicles, a seven-book epic that spans the 20th century, and once again topped international bestseller lists.

In this talk on his many achievements, expect entertaining anecdotes from a life spent in writing and politics – and perhaps some clues as to what’s next from this larger-than-life character.

Language: English, with simultaneous Arabic translation

An Audience with Jeffrey Archer

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