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Event 21 Stars of Tomorrow: Emirates Novel Award Winners

Friday 3 March, 4.30pm-5.30pm   Al Baraha 1, InterContinental

There is a wealth of writing talent in the UAE and we are proud to celebrate the success of the Emirates Novel Award in giving Emirati authors a chance to be published and to build their international reputations.

The Emirates Novel Award was established in 2013 to support and encourage talented Emirati writers, and the winners of the previous years’ books have been highly appreciated by readers and critics alike.

In this session Eman Al Yousuf and Saeed AlBadi, who were jointly awarded the top prize in 2016, speak about the effect of the prize on their work and their life.

Saeed AlBadi is an Emirati author who began his career as a war journalist and covered a number of wars and disasters, including the 2003 Iraq war. His novels include Trip to a City of Two Fires, The Cursed City and Women and Cities.

Eman Al Yousuf is an Emirati author and columnist who has published the two short stories “People’s Faces” and “A Bird in a Fish Tank” and the novel Guard of the Sun. She also writes a weekly column in Al Roua’a and Al Bayan newspapers.

Language: Arabic, with simultaneous English translation 

Stars of Tomorrow: Emirates Novel Award Winners

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