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Event 27 Would You Like to be a Turtle?

Friday 3 March, 3pm-4pm   Al Khayma, InterContinental

Authors: Amal Farah
When anyone asks her, “What do you want to be?” she replies, ''I want to be a Turtle''.

Most young girls might say they want to be a doctor, or a vet, or an actress – why does this young girl want to be a turtle?

Join this interactive session with writer Amal Farah to find out!

Amal Farah won the 2016 Etisalat Award for Children's Books in the Best Text category. A writer for children and young adults and founder of Shagara Publishing, her other books include Girl’s Diary, The Monster, and Kangaroo.

Language: Arabic

Age Group: 6+

Would You Like to be a Turtle?

This event is no longer available

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