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Event 116 Birds of the Middle East

Saturday 11 March, 11.30am-12.30pm   Al Baraha 2, InterContinental

Richard Porter, Middle East Advisor to BirdLife International, founder of OSME and author of Birds of the Middle East, the definitive guide to the region's birdlife, is in Dubai to launch the long-awaited Arabic edition of Birds of the Middle East – a valuable book that will be of great help to the growing community of Arabic-speaking birders.

Joining him on the panel are:

Ahmed Al Ali, an Emirati wildlife photographer and member of the Emirates Bird Records Committee, whose graduate studies focused on the Arabian Collared Kingfisher, an endangered species endemic to the UAE.

Oscar Campbell, chairman of the Emirates Birds Records Committee, who was awarded the 2013 Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Prize for Natural History for his conservation work.

The panel is moderated by Peter Hellyer, who is himself a founding member of the EBRC and was closely involved with the publication of Porter and Aspinall’s Birds of the United Arab Emirates.

Language: English, with simultaneous Arabic translation

Birds of the Middle East

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