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Event 126 This Book is Out of Control!

Friday 3 March, 3pm-4pm   Al Baraha 1, InterContinental

Authors: Richard Byrne
This Book is Out of Control! is the latest ‘fourth wall-breaking’ book to star Bella, Ben, their dog and a book that frankly has no idea how to behave itself. As in This Book Just Ate My Dog and We’re in the Wrong Book, things are just going to get sillier unless the young reader can save them! A hilarious, interactive session featuring live drawing by this amazing illustrator.

Richard Byrne, who is also author and illustrator of This Book Belongs to Aye-Aye, The Great Moon Confusion and more, will take children and parents on a fun-filled trip into his wild imagination.

Language: English

Age Group: 4+

This Book is Out of Control!

This event is no longer available

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