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Event 143 The War for Truth

Friday 3 March, 6pm-7pm   Al Ras 2, InterContinental

“When I began to talk about Afghanistan, I watched eyes glaze and felt as if I was trying to have a conversation about a movie no one else had seen.” – Christina Lamb

How do you get the truth out when no-one wants you to speak up and, often, no-one seems to want to listen? Yasmina Khadra and Christina Lamb have both faced this question in their writing about Afghanistan.

Yasmina Khadra is the pen-name of Mohammed Moulessehoul, an Algerian author and former soldier whose novel The Swallows of Kabul met with international acclaim.

Christina Lamb reported from Afghanistan for 13 years and found herself covering a long war that British and American authorities went between spinning as a success and outright forgetting. She tells the story of her time there in Farewell Kabul.

Language: English, French

The War for Truth

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