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Event 151 Pimp My Rice: Lunch with Nisha Katona

Friday 3 March, 1pm-3pm   Vista, InterContinental

Authors: Nisha Katona
“In the West we treat this grain of grains like a second class citizen. Its cooking techniques confound Western adults when in the East, children can cook it before they can pronounce it.” – Nisha Katona

20 years after making a name for herself as the first female Indian barrister in the North West of the UK, Nisha Katona has exchanged life at the Bar for her lifelong passion for authentic Indian cuisine.

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear how Nisha established a worldwide following through her YouTube channel ‘Twitter Curry Clinics’, became the author of debut cookbook Pimp My Rice and established her restaurant, Mowgli Street Food. Expect to learn why rice deserves more of our attention while tasting recipes from a book which shows off this beloved grain’s best assets.

Dress code: smart/casual.

Language: English

Pimp My Rice: Lunch with Nisha Katona

This event is no longer available

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