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Event 154 A Frank Conversation with Jon Ronson

Friday 3 March, 6pm-7pm   Al Ras 3, InterContinental

Authors: Jon Ronson
“By constructing his books so that they start off achingly funny then at a certain juncture become naggingly painful, he does indeed force us to think more deeply about the subject at hand.” – Will Self on Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson’s adventures have taken him from playing keyboards for the enigmatic Frank Sidebottom (which led him to write the screenplay for the film Frank) to friendly conversations with psychopaths, terrifying encounters with modern-day psy-ops agents, and the dubious pleasures of getting to know the extremist groups who rallied around Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. His film career has enjoyed similarly surprising turns, with a new feature film on the way starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, and an enormous monster called Okja.

Expect surprises and some uncomfortable truths about our world in this conversation with a man who has made a career of exploring humanity’s stranger side.

Language: English, with simultaneous Arabic translation

A Frank Conversation with Jon Ronson

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