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Why Science Needs People Who Cry

162 Friday 3 March, 7.30pm-8.30pm Al Ras 3, InterContinental

“There is an outdated stereotype that all scientists are cold, hard, logical and unemotional – and male. And it’s not only wrong but immensely damaging.” – Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman is an expert in molecular biology and genetics, and an outspoken science communicator who has been praised for both the clarity of her explanations of complex subjects and her efforts to encourage more girls to study science.

In 2015, she was attacked on social media for challenging the idea that scientists must be unemotional. Her TEDx talk response was met with widespread acclaim; in this session she expands on the critical subject of why we need more women in science and a better understanding of how important compassion, collaboration and creativity are to scientific research.

This session is part of the UK/UAE 2017 Year of Creative Collaboration led by the British Council.

Language: English, with simultaneous Arabic translation

Why Science Needs People Who Cry

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