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Event 800 How to Learn a Language – in an Hour!

Saturday 4 March, 10am-11am   Al Waha, InterContinental

Authors: Zora O'Neill
Zora O’Neill travelled the Arab world on a mission to learn Arabic as it is spoken, but that’s not the only way to get to grips with a language. There are many different routes to language acquisition, and in this fast-moving masterclass Zora will introduce a number of different language-learning strategies to get you on the road to fluency.

The tutor: Zora O’Neill is the author of All Strangers are Kin, a memoir of her travels to Egypt, the UAE, Morocco and Lebanon on a mission to improve her Arabic skills by learning different dialects.

Language: English

How to Learn a Language – in an Hour!

This event is no longer available

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