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Lights, Camera, Action... Zombies?

801 Friday 3 March, 10am-11am Al Waha, InterContinental

Authors: Tanya Landman
Where do authors get their ideas from? In Tanya Landman’s case, the Sam Swann’s Movie Mystery series, beginning with Zombie Dawn!!!, was inspired by her famous actor uncle (Robert Shaw, of Jaws fame) and his stories of movie set life. Tanya will show some pictures of behind-the-scenes life in Hollywood and then help you find the best source of inspiration in your own life!

The tutor: Tanya Landman is the author of the Sam Swann’s Movie Mystery series, the Merlin series, and the Carnegie-winning Buffalo Soldier, among many others. Her most recent novel is Hell and High Water. She is a passionate advocate of the power of reading and writing to develop empathy and imagination.

Language: English

Age Group: 8-12

Lights, Camera, Action... Zombies?

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