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Event 803 Voicing Your Opinions: Writing a Hit Column

Saturday 4 March, 6pm-8pm   Al Rimal, InterContinental

Authors: Mehr Tarar
Have you ever dreamed of writing for a national newspaper – or having the world follow your every word online?

Mehr Tarar’s columns, recently published as Leaves From Lahore, cover ground as diverse as religious rights, gender equality, international relations and social issues of all kinds, but their unifying feature is her confident, articulate voice. In this hands-on workshop, she will help you develop your own journalistic voice so that you can speak out about the issues that matter to you – and have people coming back for more.

The tutor: Mehr Tarar is an outspoken and popular Pakistani journalist, currently working as Op-Ed Editor at the Daily Times, where she also writes her acclaimed column. A collection of her writing was recently published as Leaves from Lahore.

Language: English

Voicing Your Opinions: Writing a Hit Column

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