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Event 811 A Trip to the Garden of Ideas

Saturday 4 March, 12pm-1.30pm   Al Rimal, InterContinental

Authors: Amal Farah
Little Amal broke free from the laziness monster and escaped to the ideas garden to write her thoughts! You can escape your own monster when you register for this workshop and learn how to write a story. Discover what kind of monster is chasing you – is he scary looking, is he nice or naughty, and how will your character get rid of him?

Learn how to create the hero of your story, what kind of adventure to send them on and how they will defeat the monster, in a workshop that will open your imagination and improve your writing skills. You will finish the workshop with the first draft of your new story.

The tutor: Amal Farah is an author of books for children and young adults and the founder of Shagara Publishing. Her books include Girl’s Diary, The Monster, Kangaroo and I Want to be a Turtle, which won the Etisalat Award for Children’s Books in the Best Text category in 2016.

Language: Arabic

Age Group: 8-12

A Trip to the Garden of Ideas

This event is no longer available

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