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Event 10 When Poet Met Pilot: Literary Friendships

Friday 2 March, 6pm-7pm   Al Khayma, InterContinental

Poet Kirun Kapur and pilot Mark Vanhoenacker grew up in opposite corners of America. Since they met in college, they’ve rarely lived in the same place, or even on the same continent. Drawing on a long line of literary pairings (Emerson and Thoreau, Bishop and Lowell, Baldwin and Morrison) Kapur and Vanhoenacker will explore how writing – arguably a solitary undertaking – can be elevated by creative friendships, and why geography (almost) never matters now.

Kirun Kapur is the winner of the Antivenom Poetry Award for her first book, Visiting Indira Gandhi’s Palmist. She has taught at Amherst College and Boston University and serves as Poetry Editor at The Drum Literary Magazine.

Mark Vanhoenacker is a Senior First Officer for British Airways and a regular contributor to the New York Times. His first book, Skyfaring, was an international bestseller.

This panel is moderated by Najwa Yassir.

Language: English

When Poet Met Pilot: Literary Friendships

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