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Gamze Hakli Geray

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Event 804 Reading for Therapy: Masterclass with Gamze Hakli Geray

Friday 2 March, 2pm-3.30pm   Al Waha, InterContinental

Storytelling, creative writing, and reading have long been recognized for their therapeutic potential. The use of literature as a healing method dates back to ancient Greece, when Grecian libraries were seen as important places with curative powers.

In this masterclass Gamze Hakli Geray will lead the group in reading and analyzing different passages of texts and examples of poetry that can help us to support our mental health and wellbeing.

The tutor: Gamze Geray is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor with nearly 23 years of business, management and consultancy experience in different industries, specialising in Talent Management, Learning and Development and Organizational Development. Gamze's debut book Dissonance or Harmony is part self-help, part inspirational memoir that motivates us toward a more positive and optimistic way to view the world around us, to access the inner happiness.

Language: English

Reading for Therapy: Masterclass with Gamze Hakli Geray

This event is no longer available

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