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Stephen Ritz

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Event 152 How to Eat Green: Melissa Hemsley, Mira Manek & Stephen Ritz

Saturday 3 March, 7.30pm-8.30pm   Al Baraha 2, InterContinental

From low-carb meals to ‘low-carbon’ meals, from paleo to plant-based diets – how can we satisfy our appetites while still helping the planet? Our panel discusses how individuals, businesses and institutions can achieve a healthy relationship with food.

Melissa Hemsley is the author of Eat Happy: 30 Minute Feel Good Food. As one half of Hemsley + Hemsley, she promotes healthy eating using natural ingredients of good provenance.

Mira Manek champions healthy, vegetarian home-cooked food, and her cookbook Saffron Soul collects her fresh and lighter take on Indian food.

Stephen Ritz is the teacher who turned the Bronx green, bringing about a revolution in children’s classrooms and school dinners alike by turning classrooms into gardens. He received the 2017 International Food and Sustainability Award from the G7.

This panel is moderated by Sally Mousa.

Language: English

How to Eat Green: Melissa Hemsley, Mira Manek & Stephen Ritz

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Event 18 Stephen Ritz: The Power of a Plant

Friday 2 March, 4pm-5pm   Al Baraha 3, InterContinental

Authors: Stephen Ritz
Stephen Ritz’s seeds of motivation have blossomed into an international movement – come and discover The Power of a Plant!

‘America’s favourite teacher’ turned around his struggling New York school by changing its grounds into urban gardens. His students’ health, grades and community spirit, previously some of the worst in the country, completely transformed. He has since pioneered ways for schools around the globe to start farms that require little in the way of space, dirt or water – just enthusiastic children!

Learn more about the man who changed the fates of a generation of New Yorkers, and how green fingers can grow hope.

Stephen will be in conversation with Paul Blezard.

Language: English

Age Group: 9+

Stephen Ritz: The Power of a Plant

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