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William Dalrymple

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Event 20 William Dalrymple: The World’s Most Infamous Diamond

Friday 2 March, 6pm-7pm   Al Baraha 1, InterContinental

In his new book, world-renowned historian and travel writer William Dalrymple tells the improbable, bloody story of one of the world’s most mythologised jewels. Through ‘Koh-i-noor’, he traces the rise and fall of empires, from a 10-year-old maharajah, through the sullied hands of the East India Company to the stone’s current controversial setting: the crown of Queen Elizabeth.

Dalrymple has followed Marco Polo along the Silk Road with In Xanadu and explored the heart of Delhi in City of Djinns; join him for a new slice of Asian history with erudite storytelling of the highest form.

William will be in conversation with James Mullan.

Language: English

William Dalrymple: The World’s Most Infamous Diamond

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