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Julia Johnson

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Event 64 Julia Johnson: The Secret of the Cave

Friday 2 March, 12pm-1pm   Al Baraha 1, InterContinental

Authors: Julia Johnson
In a remote mountain village of the UAE, in the grip of a deadly drought, a young girl falls into a cave and makes a discovery which could save her people… if only she could reach them!

Award-winning UAE-based author, Julia Johnson, is famed for her gripping stories about the history, culture and wildlife of the region, from the Kirkus-starred book The Leopard Boy, to winner of the International Children’s Book award, The Turtle Secret. In her trademark warm storytelling style, Julia will transport us to the beautiful, and sometimes dangerous, mountainous regions in her brand new book, The Secret of the Cave.

Language: English

Age Group: 7+

Julia Johnson: The Secret of the Cave

This event is no longer available

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