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Dame Jacqueline Wilson

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Event 2 Jacqueline Wilson: The History Girls

Friday 2 March, 10am-11am   Al Baraha 3, InterContinental

Superstar children’s author Jacqueline Wilson has created some of the most beloved characters in children’s literature, from the mischievous Tracy Beaker to the headstrong Hetty Feather.

Her new book, Wave Me Goodbye, tells the moving story of 10-year-old Shirley, an evacuee in the Second World War who is sent to live in a strange old house with the mysterious Mrs Waverley….

Travel back in time with Shirley, Hetty and many more in Jacqueline’s capable hands.

There will be no public book signing at this session, but printed book plates with Jacqueline’s signature will be available with each book purchased at the Festival Bookshop.

The lucky first 200 ticket buyers will have a chance to meet Jacqueline for a special book signing and photo.

Language: English

Age Group: 9+

Jacqueline Wilson: The History Girls

This event is no longer available

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