Mostafa Salameh

Mostafa Salameh
Mostafa Salameh is the first Arab and one of 20 people in the world to complete the Explorer Grand Slam, which includes climbing the Seven Summits reaching both the North and South poles.

Salameh trekked across Greenland (from north to south) in 2019, on a long arduous expedition that lasted for 30 days in harsh weather conditions, and very low temperatures (-35 degrees Celsius), and faced many environmental and geographical challenges.

By climbing mountains, Salameh aspires to be an inspiring role model for Arab youth and aspires to promote a positive image about the Arab region to the world, and to encourage young people to believe in themselves. He is also an inspirational speaker, lecturing for companies, non-profit organisations, schools, and universities, in Europe, the Arab world, North America and Asia.

In 2012, he launched the From the Lowest Point to the Highest Point for Cancer (LH4) Initiative, leading groups of Arabs on mountain expeditions, and managed to raise $3,000,000 for the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Jordan.
In 2017, he took the first man in a wheelchair, Ali Al-Sawalmeh, to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and raised $140,000 for the Bedwa Center in Jordan.

Salameh was bestowed the Medal of Independence by King Abdullah of Jordan in 2008 and the Medal of Courage in 2018. He was the best Jordanian athlete for 2009 and participated in carrying the torch in the South Korean Winter Olympics in 2017.

Salameh published a children's book titled Everest: Daring to Dream in 2019 and is currently writing a series of seven children's books about his adventures. He is also the author of Dreams of A Refugee: From Middle East to Mount Everest and The Journey of Ascent and Advancement dealing with the spiritual experiences of exploration voyages.