Saliha Afridi

Saliha Afridi
Dr Saliha Afridi is a clinical psychologist and the founder and Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia, a community wellness centre in Dubai.

Dr Afridi earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her master’s and PhD degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology in Phoenix, Arizona. She has expertise in topics related to child and adolescent mental health and parenting, as well a deep expertise in adult mental health and wellbeing especially as it relates to work-life stressors, burnout, and self-awareness.

Dr Afridi moved to the UAE from the United States in 2008 to make a positive impact on the mental health of the region. She established The LightHouse Arabia in 2011, which is now one of the largest mental health centres in the UAE. Her mission was to make mental health services accessible to the UAE community. Since its founding, the LightHouse Arabia team have contributed thousands of hours to the community, free of charge, to raise awareness on the best mental health and wellness practices. Her most recent achievement was bringing the internationally acclaimed Australian Mental Health First Aid to the UAE, where her team has trained nearly 4,000 mental health first aiders for early detection and treatment of mental health conditions within their communities.

Dr Afridi is the co-creator of the SmartHeart Board Game, leading the way in fostering emotional intelligence in children. She also spends extensive time public speaking and consulting with private sector companies and government organizations on programs related to mental health and wellness.

Dr Afridi is a mother of four children and considers her kids to be her biggest teachers.