Mariana Missakian

Mariana Missakian
Mariana Missakian, originally Armenian, was born in Lebanon and now based in Dubai. For 20 years she lived and worked in the city, a self-dubbed corporate superstar in stilettos. With the birth of her son Enzo, she became a full-time mom, left her corporate job and moved to the suburbs, owning her new messy bun and yoga pants aesthetic.

Her new life inspired her to write her first book That Suburbia Lady in 2021, a satire memoir compiling 40 short stories on who we become when we no longer fit in, how to come to terms with change and how to start empowering our voice and living off-script.

Missakian dedicates her time to offer safe spaces for women to share their stories, to shift the conversations from "what you do" to "who are you" to guide women to shape their identity stripped from job and title. 

When she’s not writing in her favourite coffee shop, she spends her time reading, speaking, cooking, playing nerf gun with her son, and watching football with her husband– just doing anything really to keep her out of the gym.
She still lives in Dubai with her husband Fady and their now 9-year-old son Enzo.