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Crime Across Continents: How to Catch A Killer

127 Saturday 12 March, 11.30am-12.30pm Al Ras 1, InterContinental

“Sing, muse, of the passion of the pistol.” – The Decemberists, “The Perfect Crime #2” 

Three of the world’s top crime writers talk about the art of creating a uniquely dangerous killer – and then what it takes to bring them to justice. 

Chris Carter brings all the knowledge of a criminal psychologist to the cops and killers in LA-set Robert Hunter series. 

Sebastian Fitzek’s thrillers have been praised for their suspense and the wild twists that reveal the world to be much more dangerous than expected. 

Alexander McNabb’s killers stalk the world from Ireland to the Levant, leaving havoc in their wake.

Language: English

Age Group: Adult

Crime Across Continents: How to Catch A Killer

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