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Event 818 How to Self-Publish Your Book

Wednesday 8 March, 6pm-8pm   Al Waha, InterContinental

If you’re thinking of self-publishing your writing, you have an unprecedented range of opportunities open to you – some of which will be much more suitable than others. Alexander McNabb will help you make sense of the options!

McNabb will take you through the key steps of a successful self-publishing career: choosing the most suitable platform for your work, how to go about editing and design (or how to hire people to help), uploading your book and the important but challenging business of marketing, public relations and promotion – making your book stand out in a crowded market.

This workshop combines advice and tips with practical work; you should leave the workshop with a better grasp of the challenges and opportunities on offer.

The tutor: Alexander McNabb has been living and working in the Middle East for 30 years and currently divides his time between consulting on media, publishing and digital communications, and writing and self-publishing his books.

His most recent books are the gripping, disturbingly plausible thriller Birdkill and his first children’s book, Nanny’s Magical Cheese Box.

Language: English

How to Self-Publish Your Book

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