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Event 833 Creating and Publishing Your Comic

Wednesday 8 March, 6pm-8pm   Al Rimal, InterContinental

Khaled bin Hamad is passionate about comics and he works hard to encourage young people who share his interests to develop their own skills. In this masterclass he will talk about all aspects of his work in the comics and animation business and answer your questions on how to make your own comic – and how to make it a success!

After an introduction and team building, he will look at the unique nature of comic book storytelling and how to tell a story successfully. He will follow this with an introduction to the business side of comics, how to get published and how to stay successful once you’re there!

The tutor: Khalid bin Hamad has loved drawing manga since his childhood – he started out drawing on walls, tables and books, and eventually left his job to travel to Japan to study manga and obtain a master’s degree in marketing. The result was Nasser’s Secrets, a graphic novel that combined Emirati and Japanese influences to tell a unique sci-fi story.

In 2014 he put his skills to use and established his own animation and design company, Moving Reflection Productions, and started to pursue his dream in creating his own characters. He is currently working on launching an Emirati Sci-Fi anime, Empire of N.

Language: Arabic

Age Group: 16+

Creating and Publishing Your Comic

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