Richard Baldwin: The Globotics Upheaval

Richard Baldwin: The Globotics Upheaval

Date/Time: Friday 8 March, 2pm-3pm

Venue: Al Ras 1, InterContinental, DFC

Language: English

Session No: 73 

At the root of inequality, unemployment, and populism are radical changes in the world economy — and these changes aren’t going anywhere.

Richard Baldwin, one of the world's leading globalisation experts, calls the combination of globalisation and robotics ‘globotics’, and warns that the inhuman speed of this transformation threatens to overwhelm us, with the lives of millions of white-collar workers disrupted much faster than automation, industrialisation, and globalisation disrupted the lives of factory workers in previous centuries.

Prepare for an uncertain future by learning more about The Globotics Upheaval.

Language: English
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