Gamze Hakli Geray: Reading for Therapy

Gamze Hakli Geray: Reading for Therapy

Friday 1 March, 5pm-6pm

AlMajlis, InterContinental, DFC

How does reading for therapy work? In this informal setting, psychotherapist, counsellor and author Gamze Hakli Geray, will explain the ins and outs of reading for therapy, her personal experiences of finding peace in literature and how to start your own therapeutic reading journey.

As a therapist, author and literature lover, Gamze is working on the areas where reading, writing, art and therapy work converge. She intensively focuses also on corporate and individual wellbeing and happiness. Her debut book “Dissonance or Harmony” is part self-help part inspirational memoir that challenges our thoughts, touches our emotions, and motivates us toward a more positive and optimistic way to view the world.

Language: English
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Language: English
Session No. 203 
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