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Nayanika Mahtani: Across the Line

Nayanika Mahtani: Across the Line

Date/Time: Sunday 13 February 2022 10:00-11:00

Venue: Al Joud Ballroom 1, Hilton, Al Habtoor City

Language: English

Age: 12+

Session No. 143 

15-year-old Inaya’s burning ambition is to play cricket for Pakistan. She crosses paths in London with 14-year-old Jai from New Delhi who dreams of setting up his own café – and a long-buried story from 1947 unravels, a story that started with the drawing of a line.

Rooted in the Partition of the subcontinent, this award-winning novel by Nayanika Mahtani moves between 1947 and the present, holding up a mirror to how borders and beliefs were (and still are) shaped by the games that those in power play. Creating fiction with a historical setting calls for a sensitive understanding of how the shadows of the past can affect us. Join Nayanika to hear how she set about this, and why she feels that sharing such stories is so important.

Nayanika Mahtani is an author and screenwriter and lives in London with her family. Her first book, Ambushed, is set in the tiger country of the Himalayas, and her second features Genghis Khan in all his gory glory! Across the Line is her latest novel.

Children below 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult must purchase a ticket.

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