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Keeping the Faith: Mathilde Loujayne & Ruzina Ahad

Keeping the Faith: Mathilde Loujayne & Ruzina Ahad

Date/Time: Sunday 6 February 2022 18:00-19:00

Venue: Chia, Hilton, Al Habtoor City

Language: English

Session No. 162 

Pioneering a space for females in a field historically dominated by men, UAE-based authors Mathilde Loujayne and Ruzina Ahad are writing books that cater to contemporary Muslim women. Mathilde’s Big Little Steps, a woman’s guide to finding a balanced lifestyle, and a glowing heart in Islam and Ruzina’s Dream Du’a Do, a millennial Muslimah’s guide to achieving your wildest dreams, are part of a new generation of self-help books that centre love, positivity and goal-building from a framework of faith. Both books speak to Muslim women, a demographic that has historically been doubly impacted by patriarchy – yet Mathilde and Ruzina are championing female empowerment in a way that’s relatable and actionable.

Mathilde’s book serves as a radiant introduction to Islam spotlighting issues and topics that are important for women, while Ruzina’s book contains inspiring journaling prompts for women seeking to achieve their goals while working towards the ultimate goal in the hereafter. These colourful tomes highlight Muslim role models, narrate stories from Islamic history, demystify religious terms and promote the power of prayer. Imbuing their narratives with personal experiences, along with thoughtful tips for balancing faith with modernity, Mathilde and Ruzina are bringing their much-needed, refreshing, feminine perspectives to contemporary Muslim literature.

Mathilde will now be appearing virtually.

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