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Ella Al-Shamahi: The Handshake

Ella Al-Shamahi: The Handshake

Date/Time: Friday 4 February 2022 16:00-17:00

Venue: Al Joud Ballroom 2, Hilton, Al Habtoor City

Language: English

Session No. 163 

For seven million years humans have shaken hands – paleoanthropologist and comedian Ella Al-Shamahi’s research has unearthed all kinds of ways that this innocuous (until recently) behaviour has shown up in the history of our species. In this highly entertaining talk she will introduce some of the surprising findings from her book The Handshake: a Gripping History.

Ella Al-Shamahi is a National Geographic Explorer, paleoanthropologist, evolutionary biologist and stand-up comic who specialises in finding fossils in Palaeolithic caves in dangerous places. She has degrees in Genetics, Taxonomy and Biodiversity and is undertaking her PhD in Palaeoanthropology.

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