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When Pictures Speak: Ibrahim Wahib Al Lami, Maria Dadouch & Yaseen Elswaih

When Pictures Speak: Ibrahim Wahib Al Lami, Maria Dadouch & Yaseen Elswaih

Date/Time: Saturday 4 February 2023 17:00-18:00

Venue: 4th Floor Conference Room 9, Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Al Jaddaf - Dubai

Language: Arabic

Session No: 108 

Have you explored the wonders of silent books before? Why is there such great demand for silent books and what distinguishes them from comics?

We know that pictures can offer a plethora of meanings and impacts, but are they truly enough – without words – to express the range of human emotion?

In this session, famous director and comic writer of Heikal and Bandawi, Ibrahim Wahib Al-Lami, alongside Maria Dadouch, children’s writer and author of the silent story The Nabhan Rabbit and book cover designer Yaseen Elswaih  discuss the secrets of silent books and how much meaning a picture can hold.

Ibrahim Wahib Al Lami is a Saudi writer, painter, sociologist, anthropologist, and martial arts instructor. He is the owner of Makeen Art Media. He published Heikal and Bandawi in 2019 and worked on producing an animated series in cooperation with a local team in his artistic institution, and a Japanese team in Tokyo, and the first promo of the work was produced under the title Makeen. He also holds lectures in different regions in Saudi Arabia, and holds multiple certificates.

Maria Dadouch is a Syrian writer and novelist, born in Damascus. Dadouch had a major role in establishing the Fulla magazine for girls. She wrote the animated story Mawiyah al-Qurtubi for children’s channel Spacetoon and also wrote for the comedy series Mirrors. Her novel The Mystery of the Glass Ball was a finalist for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in the category of Children's and Young Adult Literature.

Yaseen Elswaih is a Libyan digital artist and creative. Working in the design industry for the past six years, Elswaih has illustrated for various local brands and agencies like Mohtawajya and ShakeUo and has illustrated the book cover of Mohammed Al Naas’s Bread on the Uncle's Table, which won the 15th International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2022.
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