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Dr Ali Khan: Film & Cinema in Pakistan

Dr Ali Khan: Film & Cinema in Pakistan

Authors: Ali Khan

Date/Time: Saturday 4 February 2023 19:45-20:45

Venue: Al Amwaj II, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

Language: English

Session No: 165 

Cinema offers a multi-dimensional landscape capturing the spirit of every era be it political, cultural, religious, or technological. Pakistan’s film industry, as the country itself, has been through periods of turmoil interlaced with piece-meal progress. Whether it’s the portrayal of Punjabi masculinity or the opportunity to raise socio-cultural issues or simply the issue of scouting for talent and funds, Dr Ali Khan explores the various facets of the Pakistani film industry, its influences, its interdictions, its past and where its headed.

Dr Ali Khan is a social anthropologist with an interest in popular culture in Pakistan focusing particularly on cinema and sports. His latest work, Cricket in Pakistan: Nation, Identity and Politics provides insights into the social, cultural, and political changes that Pakistan has experienced since its birth in 1947.

This session is moderated by Saba Karim Khan

As you plan your day at the Festival, please take into consideration that it takes between 30-60 mins to commute between the Intercontinental, Festival City and Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.
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