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Changing the Game – Esports Redefining the Future: Fernando Pereira, Lucy Chow, Madiha Naz, Max Chow Everett, Patrick Noack & Paul Dawalibi

Changing the Game – Esports Redefining the Future: Fernando Pereira, Lucy Chow, Madiha Naz, Max Chow Everett, Patrick Noack & Paul Dawalibi

Authors: Lucy Chow

Date/Time: Friday 3 February 2023 10:15-11:15

Venue: Museum of the Future 1, Museum of the Future, Museum of the Future

Language: English

Session No: 168 

Video games are more than interactive entertainment; they represent the future of work. Beyond the elite top players, every skillset and background imaginable is being put to use in this sector. The gaming industry is bursting with investment opportunities, emerging career paths, and innovation, and the growth of this revolutionary industry will continue to grow and make a lasting impression on all facets of our lives. How do we prepare the next generation and our own generation if over 50% of jobs have not yet been invented? Specifically, what skillsets will be valued going forward?

This conversation, aptly curated in the Museum of The Future, promises to give the audience a backstage pass as to how one of the fastest growing industries is shaping our future! This exciting session will be Moderated by Futurist Saeed Al Gergawi. Listen to our panel Lucy Chow, Madiha Naz, Fernando Pereira, Max Chow Everett, Dr Patrick Noack and Paul Dawalibi as they share their journeys which will undoubtedly leave you with a new perspective for your business, investment portfolio, school, and career path. Corporates are even sending their teams to glean new ideas! 

Fernando Pereira is the Founder of XTEND3D, an ever-expanding collection of interconnected persistent social worlds in the virtual space and Grow uP eSports which created GIRLGAMER Esports Festival.

Lucy Chow, a native Canadian, has garnered a strong reputation as someone who has helped build the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the UAE. She was named one of #LinkedInTopVoices 2020 for MENA, one of CEO Middle East’s Influential Women in the Arab World 2020, Titanium Magazine's Top 50 Global Inspirational Women to Look Out for in 2022 and recognized by Arabian Business as one of 50 Inspiring Female Business Leaders in 2022.  She has been a contributing author for Life on the Move, an anthology of stories about expat life and The Possibilities Project: A Young Person’s Guide to Career Success. She is pleased to be an Ambassador for Women In Games (WIGJ) and a Board member of #2022FemaleAngels. A future focused thought leader, Changing the Game: Discover How Esports and Gaming are Redefining Business, Careers, Education and The Future is her first book.

Madiha Naz is the first Pakistani female to pursue esports professionally and team captain for the first all-female MENA League of Legends team at a global leading esports organization.

Max Chow Everett is a high school senior who founded American School of Dubai’s first esports club. Sharing how students interested in esports have a higher tendency to be academic achievers and pursue high-paying STEM fields valued by employers.

Dr Patrick Noack is the executive director of future, foresight and imagination at the Dubai Future Foundation, where he manages two teams: Dubai Future Research is the research arm of the foundation and provides thought leadership on emerging technologies, social impacts and cross-domain topics; the World Economic Forum’s UAE Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which develops policy-oriented research in the 4IR domains of relevant to the UAE.

Paul Dawalibi is an entrepreneur, investor, and dynamic executive. He is the CEO at Holodeck Ventures, host of CNBC Arabia's Game Changers, and the author of Metaverse Dream, Profit of Esports, Metaverse Profit.
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