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Home in a Sack - Delving into the Refugee Crisis: Mostafa Salameh & Dr Rami Shishan

Home in a Sack - Delving into the Refugee Crisis: Mostafa Salameh & Dr Rami Shishan

Date/Time: Saturday 4 February 2023 15:15-16:15

Venue: Al Amwaj II, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

Language: Arabic

Session No: 216 

In the midst of ever-changing political and current events, how has the refugee crisis progressed? Have they found a place to call home, or are they still on the move, unable to leave the confines of the places ’that offered them sanctuary?

The answers to both questions may appear daunting, but not to Mostafa Salameh, the explorer who climbed seven mountain peaks to draw the attention of the world to his cause, or to Sabah Deebi, the author of The Sloth, who dreams of leaving his tree and travelling to see the wonders of different countries.

The problem of place and travel corresponds to the dilemma of belonging and homeland. The painful reality is that more than 65 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes in 2017 as a result of conflicts and human rights violations.

The authors are joined by Dr Rami Shishan of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to discuss various aspects of the current crisis, most notably, how we can contribute to the solution.

Mostafa Salameh is the first Arab and one of 20 people in the world to complete the Explorer Grand Slam, which includes climbing the Seven Summits reaching both the North and South poles. Salameh published a children's book Everest: Daring to Dream and wrote Dreams of A Refugee: From Middle East to Mount Everest and The Journey of Ascent and Advancement.

Sabah Deebi is a children’s and YA writer and screenwriter. She worked as a proof-reader and literary editor, and has written over 50 children's stories, published under Dar Ashjar, Dar Al Hudhud, Dar Asala, Kalimat group, and others. Deebi also regularly provides creative writing workshops for children.

Dr Rami Shishan is the Head of Partnerships in UAE for United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

This session is moderated by Rola Nader Al Banna

As you plan your day at the Festival, please take into consideration that it takes between 30-60 mins to commute between the Intercontinental, Festival City and Mohammed Bin Rashid Library.
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