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Anthony Geffen: The Future of Storytelling

Anthony Geffen: The Future of Storytelling

Date/Time: Friday 3 February 2023 09:00-10:00

Venue: Museum of the Future 1, Museum of the Future, Museum of the Future

Language: English

Session No: 265 

Anthony Geffen, top documentary filmmaker and pioneer in multiplatform storytelling, sees great opportunities in our future for immersive storytelling. Virtual reality and augmented reality are evolving rapidly and beginning to deliver on their potential – but Anthony, CEO and Creative Director of cutting-edge media company Atlantic Productions. This conversation, aptly curated in the Museum of The Future foresees an explosion of new opportunities for the entertainment industry and beyond.

From promoting conservation and unlocking new business opportunities to empowering disabled and neurodivergent people, innovation in storytelling has far-reaching consequences – this session is the place to learn what it means for you.
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Categories: Business/Technology