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Arabic Language – What is the Mystery? Workshop with Firas Al Shaer

Arabic Language – What is the Mystery? Workshop with Firas Al Shaer

Date/Time: Monday 6 February 2023 12:00-13:30

Venue: Al Amwaj I, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

Language: Arabic & English

Session No: 290 

Arabic is the native language of over 362 million people worldwide.

Few non-Arabs can truly appreciate Arabic for all of its unique qualities and beauty. Because of the vast difference between English and other Germanic and Latin-based languages, myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes know no bounds, and some of these actually affect the majority of people.

Arabic follows clear rules; it is systematic, phonetic, synthetic, and phonetic. There are currently two distinct "varieties" of Arabic. : Modern Standard Arabic, which is used in writing, the media, formal speech, and academic registers, and less formal Arabic, which is used in everyday speech.

There are far fewer vowels and vowel combinations in Arabic, as well as simple spelling systems and very few anomalies.

The art of Arabic calligraphy is admired by people all over the world for its rhythm and regularity of the letters, as well as the "geometrical" order of the lines on the page. Each character had, and frequently still has, a distinct stroke order. The beauty of Arabic calligraphy reflects the beauty of the Arabic language and its wonderful literary and artistic characteristics.

Discover the secrets of Arabic. Learn about its peculiar characteristics. Begin to appreciate its beauty. Join Firas Shaer of "Scriptor" in his workshop, "Arabic Language - What is the Mystery?" as he walks you through the most effective method for learning Arabic and developing communicative competence.

Firas Al Shaer has been the Emirates Literature Foundation's official translator for many years. He has a BA in English Language and Literature from Yarmouk University in Jordan and an MPhil in Linguistics from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Al Shaer founded two prestigious institutions in Dubai: the International Institute for Studies and Scriptor Translation. He has extensive experience in the media as a translator, trainer, and Arabic instructor to native and nonnative speakers.

He has translated a number of collections of standard Arabic and Nabati poetry, along with fiction and nonfiction Arabic works. He also writes book synopses, book reviews, and executive summaries for decision-makers in the region.

Al Shaer's books include Challenging the Sun, Father's Jerusalem, and When the Paint Dries.
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